Brutocao Uber Tuscan


Hopland, CA

Dr. Rudi & Diana Brutoco

Our Nonno traveled from our homeland near Venice to America & later to the Pacific Coast where our other grandfather was "found". One with roots in the terroir of Italy's most prolific wine region; the other a master farmer with abundant hillside land in what has become California's world-famous Wine Country. The next generation would become highly educated, but with such a "Marriage of Heritage", the family was bound to eventually return to the soil - and destined to make wines like this.


Brutocao Cellars started 50 years ago. In our 4th generation of farming, we grow all the grapes for our 25 Estate varietals & blends. This Uber Tuscan is the ultimate blend of our premium Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon, inspired by the finest Super Tuscans of our homeland. Our exceptional blend is aged in oak for 18 months, resulting in a distinctive, well-balanced wine with gentle tannins and a long, satisfying finish. As you might expect from its Italian-inspiration, this is a great food wine. It particularly enhances meats, aged cheese and of course, pasta. Dr. Rudi Brutoco, who leads our ND family grads, proudly introduces this finely crafted vintage to Notre Dame. Saluté!

Artwork: de Mura, Francesco. Bacchus and Ceres. 1763